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Hello! I am Web Designer from Jaipur, basically from Allahabad. I have rich experience in web site design and building.

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My Designer journey started in pandemic. I was amazed to see the designs that any website has and tried t analyse those. In 2020 I had decided that I will get into it and started learning about process of design and forms of designs. I have learned Photoshop, Illustrator, Bootstrap, HTML,CSS and Javascript. By the way I forgot to tell you that I have done MCA and started my career as developer.

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  • Phone: +91 9982683048


What I Do

Graphics Design ask you to be more creative as per the clients' need. I rely on Photoshop and Illustrator for this.

Social media posts

For social media posts we need to think about clients' marketing strategy. We need to know  what are the new products  and services they are launching or may be they want rebranding of their products. 

UI/UX Designs

The UI/UX design process includes the understanding the need and style of clients. Then gather that information to design appropriate web layouts with proper color and mood. I use Figma for this and I am learning Adobe XD as well.

Web Designs

When I got the ideas for the design and proper layout I can start coding for the web page using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and Javascript.



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    Anura Vijay
    Web Designer
    • Phone: +91 9982683048
    • E-mail:
    Anura Vijay